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Spanners & Tools

Engine Timing Disc - Degrees of crankshaft rotation A must for the tool box of any motorcycle enthusiast. To help set up ignition timing, or camshaft...

OEM: 60-1861, 61-7014, DA50/1, 61-3766, D1861
Triumph/BSA Clutch Centre Puller - 1" x 20TPI - Twins Pulls the clutch hub from the taper on the main shaft. Fits BSA twin cylinder models, A50/A65...

OEM: 61-7019
Triumph Rocker Spindle O Ring Guide Tool - All Pre Unit + Unit 650/750cc Models Can be used on all pre-unit models + 650/750cc twins + 750cc triples....

Top Dead Centre Timing Tool Fits 14mm Spark Plug Hole. The scaled measurements are in mm. Simply remove the spark plug and screw in the tool, resting the...

Screw Thread pitch Gauge - Imperial & Metric 0.25 - 6mm 4 - 62BSW 52 leaves of measurement variations Useful tool to check the thread TPI on your nuts...

Whitworth Combination Spanners Set of 8 Spanners, open end and ring 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16

OEM: 61-3760
Triumph / BSA Clutch Locking Plate Tool - 3 or 4 Spring Clutch Correct tool to lock up the clutch when you want to remove the flywheel nuts or clutch...

Triumph Rocker Box Inspection Cap Removal Tool - Unit Twins Circa 1959-72 Can be used on cross slotted type rocker box caps, as used on various models...

Wheel Rim Protectors For tyre changing, used to protect the rims from damage with the tyre levers. Supplied as a Pair, with connecing cord.

Tappet Adjustment tool - Norton, BSA, Triumph - 5/16" Tappet Screws Makes valve adjusting easier. Fits most Triumph 500/650/750 twins circa 1950-1970....

OEM: 67-9114
BSA Pushrod Locating and Alignment Comb/Tool - A10, A7 The correct tool for use on BSA 500/650cc twins OEM: 67-9114

Whitworth BSW Tap & Die Set - 23 Piece - 1/8" to 1/2" Imperial Sizes Ideal for creating and repairing popular Whitworth threads. Tap wrench with...

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