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Spanners & Tools

Engine Timing Disc - Degrees of crankshaft rotation A must for the tool box of any motorcycle enthusiast. To help set up ignition timing, or camshaft...

OEM: 60-1861, 61-7014, DA50/1, 61-3766, D1861
Triumph/BSA Clutch Centre Puller - 1" x 20TPI - Twins Pulls the clutch hub from the taper on the main shaft. Fits BSA twin cylinder models, A50/A65...

OEM: 61-3170, 61-3700
Clutch Spring adjustment Tool. Measures aproximately 3". For Triumph and BSA models. Helps to adjust the clutch pressure plate springs. OEM: 61-3170,...

Top Dead Centre Timing Tool Fits 14mm Spark Plug Hole. The scaled measurements are in mm. Simply remove the spark plug and screw in the tool, resting the...

OEM: 61-7019
Triumph Rocker Spindle O Ring Guide Tool - All Pre Unit + Unit 650/750cc Models Can be used on all pre-unit models + 650/750cc twins + 750cc triples....

Screw Thread pitch Gauge - Imperial & Metric 0.25 - 6mm 4 - 62BSW 52 leaves of measurement variations Useful tool to check the thread TPI on your nuts...

Triumph Rocker Box Inspection Cap Removal Tool - Unit Twins Circa 1959-72 Can be used on cross slotted type rocker box caps, as used on various models...

Whitworth Combination Spanners Set of 8 Spanners, open end and ring 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16

OEM: 61-3760
Triumph / BSA Clutch Locking Plate Tool - 3 or 4 Spring Clutch Correct tool to lock up the clutch when you want to remove the flywheel nuts or clutch...

Tappet Adjustment tool - Norton, BSA, Triumph - 5/16" Tappet Screws Makes valve adjusting easier. Fits most Triumph 500/650/750 twins circa 1950-1970....

Chaincase Plug / Cap Removal and Inspection Tool - Universal Use Three way tool for the removal and inspection of slotted type chaincase plugs as used on...

OEM: 67-9114
BSA Pushrod Locating and Alignment Comb/Tool - A10, A7 The correct tool for use on BSA 500/650cc twins OEM: 67-9114

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