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Oil Feed Pipes

OEM: 60-3548, 70-3253, E3253
Rocker spindle O Ring for Triumph 200, 350, 500, 650 and 750cc models This o-ring is the little sucker that you replace to stop that oil leak from the...

Anti Wet Sump Oil Pipe Tap With Switch - Magneto or Coil Ignition Systems A solution to a frequent problem of wet sumping. On many of the older classic...

OEM: 70-1335, E1335, 40-0159, 40-159
Triumph Copper Washer - Overhead Rocker Spindle / Timing Cover Plug Also used for the T140 oil in frame sump washer. OEM: 70-1335, E1335,  40-0159,...

Wet Sumping, Anti Sump, Oil Pipe Tap A solution to a frequent problem of wet-sumping. On many of the older classic bikes, the oil pump and/or...

OEM: 70-1435
Triumph T120, TR6 etc Rocker spindle domed nut, as used on all Triumph 500,600cc twins up to (-1968). OEM: 70-1435

OEM: 70-1575, 40-0158, E1575, 40-158
Triumph/BSA Rocker Spindle Thrust Washer - Various Models As used on many BSA models including A7, A10,  A50, A65, B25, B44, B40 and C15. Plus...

OEM: 70-1574, E1574, 67-0062, 40-0156, 67-62, 40-156, 06-7698, D12/950, NM18103
Triumph/BSA/Norton Rocker Spindle Thackeray Spring Washer - Various Models Double coil spring thackeray washer - locates on the rocker spindle shaft. As...

OEM: 97-0400, H400
Triumph Rocker Oil Feed Domed Nut - Unit 350/500cc Models Circa 1959-71 + T20 Tiger Cub Rocker oil feed line acorn nut - correct fitment on 3TA, 5TA, T90...

OEM: 82-3655, 82-3182, F3655, F3182
Triumph Oil Filter Union Nut and Connector Pipe - Pre Unit and Unit Models - 1954 Onwards Pipe locates between the rubber oil feed pipe and the oil...

OEM: 70-4159, E4159, 70-3082, E3082, 70-6349, E6349
Triumph T120/TR6, 650cc Rocker Oil Feed Pipe Available as standard or UK made - please select option. Can be used instead of 71-2428, E12428, 70-6349,...

OEM: 70-7576, E7576, 70-3805, E3805, 70-6351, E6351
Triumph Rocker Oil Feed Pipe - 350/500cc Unit Models - 1957 Onwards A rocker oil feed pipe and banjo assembly to fit 350/500cc unit twins. Designed to...

OEM: 42-0048, 42-48
BSA A7, A10 Rocker oil feed pipe complete. Ariel Huntmaster 650cc Also BSA B31, B33 swing arm models pipe diameter: 3/16" OEM: 42-0048, 42-48

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