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Distributor Cap

£8.95 (£10.74 inc VAT)
OEM: 70-8737
Triumph, BSA Contact Points Cover - Chrome Chromed steel cover with 2 holes for side contact points on many British twins Holes 2+1/4" apart (57mm) Made in...

£0.65 (£0.78 inc VAT)
Distributor Cap HT Insulator Fits over the Spark plug and Ignition Coil wire, and then over the distributor cap, to prevent water ingress.

£16.95 (£20.34 inc VAT)
OEM: LU423486, 423486
Rotor Arm - Triumph Distributor 18D2 Fits Lucas distributor 18D2 and most British twins from 1958-62. Made in England OEM: LU423486, 423486

£0.95 (£1.14 inc VAT)
Distributor Cap 90° HT Insulator Rubber Boot Fits over the spark plug and ignition coil wire, and then over the distributor cap to prevent water ingress....

£9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 425049, LU425049
Genuine Lucas Distributor Cap 18D2 - Triumph - LU425049 As fitted to the 18D2 Distributor, and supplied as OE, on most Classic British Twin Cylinder...

£28.95 (£34.74 inc VAT)
OEM: 400136, LU400136
Distributor Cap DKX2A - Triumph - Lucas Type 400136 As fitted to the DKX2A Distributor, and supplied as OE on many Triumph, Royal Enfield and Vincent...

£9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
OEM: LU400051, 400051
Lucas Rotor Arm for DKX2A, 25D4 and DM2 Clockwise Rotation Distributors Rotor arm to suit Lucas DKX2A, 25D4 and DM2 distributors with a clockwise...

£7.95 (£9.54 inc VAT)
OEM: LU400052, 400052
Rotor Arm for DKX2A, DKX4A, 25D4 and DM2 Anti Clockwise Rotation Distributors Rotor arm to suit Lucas DKX2A, DKX4A, 25D4 and DM2 distributors with an...

£21.95 (£26.34 inc VAT)
OEM: 83-7644, F17644
Triumph Solenoid Switch Cover - Electric Start 750cc Models From 1981 Onwards Black plastic solenoid starter switch cover as fitted to  T140ES, TR7VS,...

£9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
OEM: LU402101, 402101
Distributor Cap DKX1A Lucas Type Distributor Cap for DKX1A Distributor OEM: LU402101, 402101

£24.95 (£29.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 03-0082
Norton Commando Distributor Cap As used late Dominator's and early Norton P11/Commando's post magneto. When the points were moved to behind the timing case...

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