Feked Classic Bike Parts
The Old Racing Stables, Nine Yews, Cranborne, Dorset BH21 5PW, UK


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Fittings & Lifts

£12.95 (£15.54 inc VAT)
100A Battery Tester - 6V or 12V Batteries This battery load tester lets you test 6 volt or 12 volt batteries, test the charging system and analyze the...

£34.95 (£41.94 inc VAT)
12V 1A Motorcycle Battery Charger and Optimiser. Fully Automatic diagnostic charger and maintainer. Suitable for all 12V batteries including lead-acid,...

£47.95 (£57.54 inc VAT)
Motorcycle Lift Stand Adjustable height stand for flatbase or twin tubular frames. Simply locate the contact bar under the bike frame and lever backwards to...

£109.00 (£130.80 inc VAT)
Mini Lift Motorycle Jack This mini lift jack is suitable for lifting bikes with a flat base or tubular frame, lifting from 100mm to 340mm. The height and...

£69.95 (£83.94 inc VAT)
Wheel Chock Tubular wheel chock supports front wheel of bike during storage and transit. Fully adjustable to fit wheels 15" to 19". Features pivot clamp...

£17.95 (£21.54 inc VAT)
Combination Cable Lock 20 mm x 1650 mm 5 Digit Selectable Combination Lock Woven Hardened Steel Cable Protective Outer Sleeve

£45.95 (£55.14 inc VAT)
12V 800 mA Waterproof Battery Charger / Maintainer Suitable for all lead acid batteries - AGM, Flooded or Gel (not Lithium). This battery charger is...

£14.95 (£17.94 inc VAT)
Route 66 Entrance Door Mat - 60 x 90cm - Oil and Water Resistant A good quality welcome mat - perfect for your workshop. Black with large ROUTE 66 logo....

£69.95 (£83.94 inc VAT)
6v / 12V 4A Power Tender Dual Selectable 4A Battery Charger Battery Tender Automatically switches from full charge to float maintenance charge mode....

£56.95 (£68.34 inc VAT)
6v / 12V 1.25A Power Tender Dual Selectable 1.25A Battery Charger Battery Tender Automatically switches from full charge to float maintenance charge...

£42.95 (£51.54 inc VAT)
Motorcycle Roller Stand / Wheel Spinner - For Cleaning and Maintenance Suitable for both front or rear wheels - allows you to keep your bike stationary...

In 2017 we launched our
dedicated classic trials and
motocross section after buying
Sammy Miller Products.

We are pleased to announce
that we have recently
acquired TYOFFROAD.