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Brake Switch

£4.95 (£5.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 90-0506
Universal Brake / Stop Light Switch - Spring Pull Type A high quality brake light/stop switch designed to clamp on to the bike's frame. Includes...

£7.95 (£9.54 inc VAT)
OEM: 34815, 99-1028, 60-0990, 19-0916
Brake Light Switch - Lucas 118SA Push Type Stop light switch as fitted to Triumph unit 650/750cc models circa 1971-84. Also used on BSA unit singles...

£12.95 (£15.54 inc VAT)
OEM: 54033234, 31437, 22B, 99-0725
Lucas 31437 Brake Light Switch - Lucas 22B Slide Type Stop light switch as fitted to many Triumph unit 350/500cc models + pre OIF 650cc models. Also used...

£4.95 (£5.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 82-5412, F5412
Triumph Brake Light Switch Lever / Rod Clamp - 650cc Models 1964-70 + 350/500cc From 1968 Onwards Brake rod to stop light switch lever - correct fitment...

£10.95 (£13.14 inc VAT)
OEM: 43E, 315725, 31281B
Miller 43E Sliding Bar Type Brake Light Switch - Pre Unit Models Circa 1950-57 Replica Miller pull type tail lamp stop switch that operates using a...

£19.95 (£23.94 inc VAT)
OEM: S2370
Wipac Stop Switch - BSA Bantam, AJS/Matchless Lightweights A replica Wipac brake/stop light switch. This type of switch was used on BSA Bantams and the...

£11.95 (£14.34 inc VAT)
OEM: 31383, 22B
Lucas 31383 Slide Type Brake Light Switch - Triumph Pre Unit, Early Unit 350/500cc and Norton Models Lucas 22B type switch - type mounted on the near...

£6.45 (£7.74 inc VAT)
OEM: 60-2085
FRONT BRAKE CABLE SWITCH - Triumph, Norton, BSA In-line Front Brake Cable Switch as used on many British Motorcycles from about 1968 onwards. As used on...

£24.95 (£29.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 54C, 31281B, 315725, 19-1106
Lucas 54C Brake Light Switch - Triumph Pre Unit Rigid + BSA Plunger Frame Models New production Lucas pull type tail lamp stop switch that operates using...

£8.95 (£10.74 inc VAT)
OEM: LU34619, 60-7155, 06-1934
Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brake Light Switch - Triumph 750cc Models from 1979 + Norton Commando As used on all Triumph 750cc and Norton Commando models...

£24.95 (£29.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 34381, 31688A, 6SA, 19-1124
Lucas 6SA Type Brake Light Switch - Royal Enfield + Triumph 350/500cc Models Circa 1957-63 Replica Lucas stop light switch complete with rubber wiring...

£24.95 (£29.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 3444B, 6SA, 19-1125, 19-0867
Lucas 6SA Type Brake Light Switch - BSA A50 and A65 Models Circa 1962-70 Replica Lucas stop light switch complete with rubber wiring boot. The switch...

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