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12 Volt Bulbs

OEM: LU370, 370, 414
Bulb Headlight 12v 50/40w BPF P36d - 370 Standard headlamp bulb, 12 volt, dual filament, dual contact, Main 50w/Dip 40w beam, used on most old classics....

Bulb 12v 4w MCC Ba9s - 233 12v Bulb, 4w Single Filament, 9mm diameter base, single contact. Also known as Lucas 233

Bulb 12v 1.2w MCC BA7S - 281 12v bulb, 1.2w single filament - 7mm diameter base, single contact. Also known as Lucas 281 OEM: 99-0537

Lucas LED Headlight Bulb - P36D BPF Fitting - Dual Polarity 6v or 12v British pre focus LED  P36D  bulb with notched locating plate suitable for headlamp...

Bulb 12v 21/5w SBC BAY15d - 380 12v Bulb, 21/5w Double Filament, 15mm diameter base, double contact. Typical use - Stop/Tail light. Also known as Lucas 380

Lucas 12v LED Stop / Tail Lamp Bulb - BAY15D Fitting 12 volt LED   bulb with projector lens - standard double contact 15mm base with off-set pins....

Lucas 12v LED Pilot / Instrument Bulb - BA9S Fitting 12 volt LED   bulb - standard single contact 9mm base with parallel pins. Suitable as for use as...

OEM: 504, 2821
12v 3W Wedge Fitting Bulb Panel indicator bulbs, 2mm push fit, capless wedge type. W2.1x9d Overall length: 24mm Diameter: 9.5mm OEM: 504, 2821

Genuine Lucas Bulb Headlight Halogen 12v 60/55w H4 P43t - 472 Also known as Lucas 472

Bulb 12v 5w T10 Push-fit Wedge - 501

OEM: MES/E10, LLB987
Bulb 12v 2.2w MES/E10 - Lucas No. LLB987 12v clear bulb, 2.2w single filament screw in type, 11mm diameter base, single contact.

Bulb Headlight Halogen 12v 35/35w H4 P43t - 1046 Have the benefits of Halogen light, with a low wattage that most classic bikes can handle! Also known as...

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