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Maintenance Fluids

Autosol Chrome Metal Polish Tube, 75ml of Autosol's infamous Chrome polish. Cleans and polishes Chrome, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper.

Semi-Fluid Grease - Tub of 800g - approx 1 litre This semi-fluid grease is a perfect solution to a leaky old gearbox. If you have an old BSA which leaks...

SEALEATER Fuel Tank Sealant Remover - 1 Litre For removing old fuel tank sealer prior to re-sealing. This product will remove sealants based on...

FERTAN Rust Converter - 250ml - Destroy Rust & Prime FERTAN is the optimal treatment for the removal of rust from all metal constructions Use...

Car Pride Brake Cleaner - 250ml - Aerosol The effective way to remove dust and dirt. Brake clean is an excellent solvent degreaser which removes road...

FEDOX Rust Remover - 1 Litre - Rust Remover Concentrate Fedox is an effective and safe rust remover for removing rust from tanks, or any components that...

Universal Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT 4 Made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high...

ACF-50 - Anti-Corrosion Formula - 940ml (1 Quart) & Trigger Spray - Anti-corrosion & Lubricant ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) was originally...

Car Pride Choke & Carb Cleaner - 250ml - Aerosol A solvent cleaner for use on internal and external surfaces. Removes oily deposits and grime. Can...

Wasseal Fuel Tank Sealant - Two Part Epoxy Based Sealer For Steel and Aluminium Tanks One pack will treat a motorcycle fuel tank with a capacity of 20-25...

Car Pride Engine Degreaser - 300ml - Aerosol Cleans away oil, grime and road dirt from engines. It is especially useful for tracking oil leaks on...

ACF-50 - Anti-Corrosion Formula - 369g Aerosol Can - Anti-corrosion & Lubricant ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) was originally designed to protect...

In 2017 we launched our
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Sammy Miller Products.

We are pleased to announce
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