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Mudguard Fittings

OEM: 82-5994, F5994 82-4690, F4690
Triumph Rear Mudguard Bridge Clip - 500/650cc Models - Circa 1960-70 Triumph rear mudguard bracket as used on both pre-unit and unit models. Powder...

OEM: 67-6839, 82-9028, F9028
BSA/Triumph Rear Mudguard Wiring Grommet - A, B, C, M Group + A50/A65 and Unit Singles Tail lamp / rear mudguard rubber wiring grommet as used on various...

OEM: NS362
Triumph Front Mudguard Bottom Stand / Stay Spigot Nut - Pre Unit and Unit Models Circa 1946-68 Domed spigot nut used to secure the bottom stay to the...

OEM: 42-6853
BSA Rear Mudguard Rubber Distance Piece - A and B Group Swinging Arm Models Circa 1954-63 Rear mudguard rubber pad as used on B31, B33,  DB32/DBD34...

OEM: 82-6915, F6915
Triumph Rear Mudguard Bridge - Unit 350/500/650/750cc Models Circa 1966-75 Rear mudguard mounting bracket - locates between shock absorbers. Correct...

OEM: 97-0424, H424
Triumph Front Mudguard Bottom Stay Pivot Bolt - Pre Unit and Unit 500/650cc Models Circa 1946-66 Stepped front stand to fork pivot screw as used on: Pre...

OEM: 60-3748, D3748
Triumph 5 Speed Rear Mudguard Decal - T140, TR7, T150, T160 Models - Circa 1973-87 Self adhesive vinyl sticker generally positioned on the rear mudguard...

OEM: 42-6759, 42-6785
BSA Rear Mudguard Fixing Clip - A and B Group Swinging Arm Models Circa 1954-63 Rear mudguard mounting bracket as used on B31, B33,  DB32/DBD34 Goldstar,...

OEM: 42-6782
BSA Rear Mudguard Stiffening Plate - A and B Group Swinging Arm Models Circa 1954-63 Rear mudguard mounting plate/stiffener as used on B31, B33,...

OEM: 97-1685
Triumph Front Mudguard Bracket - 97-1685 Triumph Front Mudguard Bracket. Powder Coated gloss black. OEM: 97-1685

OEM: 82-7826, F7826
Triumph Rear Mudguard Wiring Protector - Unit 500/650cc Models Circa 1969-74 + T150 Models Rear mudguard / tail light wiring protector. Correct fitment...

OEM: 82-3599, F3599
Triumph Rear Mudguard Mounting Bracket - Pre Unit and Early T90/T100 Models Circa 1954-64 Rear engine plates to mudguard bracket. Correct fitment s ingle...

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