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Contact Set

OEM: 425219, LU425219
Contact Point Set For Lucas 18D1 and 18D2 Distributor - Many British Twins Circa 1958-62 Fits Lucas 18D1 and 18D2 distributors as fitted to many models...

OEM: 54415803, 4CA, 4-CA, 47605
Lucas Contact Set - 54415803, 4CA, 4-CA. Fits all side point models (1963-67) 4.C.A. including :- BSA C15 (1965-), B40 Star, SS90, A50, A65 Norton...

OEM: 54419827, 6CA, 6.C.A, 99-0772
Genuine Lucas Contact Set - 54419827, 6CA, 6.C.A, 99-0772 Fits BSA, Norton and Triumph Twins (1968-72) 6.C.A. including :- BSA A50/A65 Norton...

OEM: 400415
Lucas Contact Set 400415 - Fits Triumph Twins As fitted to Lucas DX Distributor for Triumph 500/650 (5T/6T) Twins (1953-59) Available as genuine Lucas...

OEM: S1233, 19-0444
Contact Set - BSA Bantam D1, D3, D5 and D7 Models A set of points to fit BSA Bantam D1, D3, D5 and D7 models Wipac type OEM: S1233, 19-0444 Please...

OEM: 99-0769, 54419220, LI54419220
Contact Breaker Eccentric Adjusting Pin - Various Models - 54419220 Brass offset points adjusting pin to fit many Lucas points assemblies. Overall...

OEM: 484098
Contact Set - Lucas Magneto / Dynamo Magneto contact set, Magneto Points, Magneto contacts Last few sets made in England. Suit N1 Magneto, also Mag/Dyno...

OEM: 54440888
Contact Set - Lucas K1F and K2F Late Model Magneto A set of contact points for Anti-Clockwise rotation. (note: the direction of rotation is determined from...

OEM: 421106
BSA/Triumph Contact Set - Lucas 15D1 Distributor - C15 and B40 + T15 and T20 Tiger Cub Models Suitable for various models fitted with a Lucas 15D1...

OEM: 54419828, 19-1865, 99-1014
Genuine Lucas Contact Set - 54419828 - Fits BSA and Triumph Triples Fits B.S.A. Triples (1968-72) and Triumph Triples (1969-75). OEM: 54419828, 19-1865,...

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