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Bearing Rings + Seals

OEM: T280, 57-0280, 42-5821
Triumph Gearbox or Wheel Bearing Circlip - 57-0280 Triumph Gearbox Bearing Circlip - OR - Wheel Bearing Circlip Holds the bearing in Spring for the...

OEM: 37-2313, W2313, 67-6051
BSA QD Rear Wheel Hub Inner Rubber Seal - BSA Singles and Twins - Pre Unit and Unit Models Correct fitment on various BSA models with a quick detach...

OEM: 37-1237, W1237
Triumph/BSA Front Hub Bearing Dust Cover - Full Width and Conical Hubs Circa 1957-83 As fitted to most unit 500/650/750cc models - full width and conical...

OEM: 37-0582, W582, 42-5823
Triumph/BSA Front Wheel Bearing Retaining / Lock Ring - Full Width Hub - 500/650cc Models To suit various models with full width front hub - pre 1970...

OEM: 37-1021, W1021
Triumph Rear Wheel Bearing Retaining / Lock Ring - Bolt On Hub - 350/500/650/750cc Models Correct fitment on many pre unit and unit models with bolt-on...

OEM: 37-0583, W583, 37-1654, W1654
Triumph Front/Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Dust Cover - Pre Unit and Unit Models From 1946 Onwards Wheel bearing dust cap - front and/or rear on most pre unit...

OEM: 014387, 01-4387
AJS/Matchless Rear Wheel Hub Oil Seal Ring Oil sealing ring for rear wheel bearings. OD: 1+3/8" (34.9mm) ID: 7/8" (22.2mm)...

OEM: 65-5886, 37-2301
BSA Wheel Hub Felt Washer - A, B and M Group + A65 and Unit Singles With QD Hub Locates between the inner and outer bearing retainers - correct fitment...

OEM: 37-4134, W4134
Triumph Front Hub Bearing Locking Ring - Left Hand - T140, TR7 and T160 Models Left hand wheel bearing locking ring to retain the bearing in the front...

OEM: 37-3337, W3337, 37-3749, W3749
Triumph/BSA Front Hub Bearing Support Ring - TLS Brakes - Circa 1968-74 Correct fitment on full width hub twin leading shoe models: Triumph TR25W, T100,...

OEM: 37-1710, W1710
Triumph Rear Wheel Lock Ring Locking Screw - Bolt On Hub - 500/650cc Models Used to retain the rear wheel bearing lock ring. 2BA socket head cap screw...

OEM: 67-6133
BSA Rear Hub Dust End Cover - Swinging Arm QD Hub A and B Group + A65 and B44 Models Rear hub bearing cover - correct fitment on: A7, A10, B31 and B33...