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Switch Parts

OEM: 315738, 82-3158
Triumph Brake Light Switch Spring - 82-3158 Spring to connect brake light switch to the rear brake pedal. Suits many Triumph 500cc and 650cc OEM: 315738,...

OEM: 97-2262, H2262
Triumph/BSA Ignition Switch Rubber Boot for Headlamp Bracket Mounted Ignition Switch Correct for  all Triumph & BSA models fitted with a Lucas  2...

OEM: S0781, S0782
Wipac Switch Socket Wiring Plug - S0781, S0782 The wiring socket plug to fit into the back of the Wipac Ignition or Light Switch. Contains 9 holes for the...

OEM: 82-5412, F5412
Triumph Brake Light Switch Lever / Rod Clamp - 650cc Models 1964-70 + 350/500cc From 1968 Onwards Brake rod to stop light switch lever - correct fitment...

OEM: 60-2086, D2086
Front Brake Cable Stop Switch Cover - Triumph/BSA/Norton Models Circa 1968-74 Rubber sleeve used to cover the In-line front brake cable switch as used on...

OEM: 60-4503, D4503
Replacement Switch - Anti Wet Sump Oil Pipe Tap Used in the Anti-sump tap that we make. A replacement switch. We suggest you apply heat shrink to seal...

OEM: 82-5983, F5983, 68-9167
Lucas 88SA Ignition/Lighting Switch Retaining Bracket Retaining clip used on rotary type 88SA switch assemblies, fits over the switch body, secured with...

OEM: 88SA, 34427B
Lucas 88SA Ignition Switch This switch is usually used on bikes with the Emergency start option. The switch is OFF in the central position. The switch...

OEM: 82-5413, F5413
Triumph Brake Light Switch Lever D Washer - 650cc Models 1964-70 + 350/500cc From 1968 Onwards Brake rod to stop light switch lever D washer - correct...

OEM: 82-5988, F5988, 68-9166
Lucas 88SA Ignition or Lighting Switch Retaining Rubber Band O-Ring Used on rotary type 88SA switch assemblies - secures the harness socket to the...

OEM: 318341, PRS8
Ignition Key - Spade Type - 318341, PRS8 For the Lucas PRS8 Switch Spare key Made from Stainless Steel Made in England OEM: 318341, PRS8

OEM: 54330576, 41SA
41SA Switch Base Plate Chrome OEM: 54330576, 41SA OD: 46mm, ID: 19mm

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