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OEM: 82-8382
Prop Stand Spring Triumph T100, T120, T140, T150, T160 and BSA Unit models (Side Stand Spring) Length inside hooks: 3+1/4" (83mm) OEM: 82-8382

OEM: 82-7021, F7021, 14-1303, 14-0703
Triumph Side Stand Pivot Bolt + Lock Nut - 500/650/750cc Twins and Triples From 1967 Onward Prop stand swivel pin and thin self locking Cleveloc nut....

Universal Side Stand / Prop Stand - Trials, Motocross and Lightweight Models - Various Sizes Complete side stand assembly with spring and clamp on lug....

9" Universal Side Stand - Clamps to Frame - To Suit Various Frame Sizes Prop / kick stand suitable for various marques and models. Cast iron, finished in...

OEM: 82-3097, F3097, 40-4733
Triumph/BSA Side Stand Swivel Pin / Pivot Bolt - Pre Unit and Unit Models Circa 1950-70 Correct fitment to mount the prop stand on models with a threaded...

OEM: 82-2610, F2610
Prop / Side Stand Spring Triumph T100, T120 Early Unit Models Length inside hooks: 5+5/8" (143mm) OEM: 82-2610, F2610

OEM: 82-4484
Centre Stand Lock Washer - Triumph T100, T120 12mm inner diameter OEM: 82-4484

OEM: 82-3096, F3096, 40-4734
Triumph/BSA Side Stand Swivel Pin Tab Washer - Pre Unit and Unit Models Circa 1950-70 For use with swivel pin to mount the prop stand on models with a...

OEM: 83-3793
Centre Stand Spring Triumph, T120, T140, BSA OIF Length inside hooks: 3+1/2" (89mm) OEM: 83-3793

OEM: 03-1346, 83-2901, 60-3541, D3541, S26-16
BSA/Triumph - 1/2" Thackeray Double Spring Washer - Various Uses - Centre Stand, Brake Pedal Correct fitment for many BSA centre stands. Triumph brake...

OEM: 82-2725, F2725
Triumph Centre Stand Pivot Nut - Pre Unit and Unit Models Circa 1954-70 Thin nut used to secure the two main stand pivot bolts to the frame. Correct...

OEM: 83-2896, 68-4708
BSA/Triumph Stand Spring - Centre Stand - A50, A65, A75, X75 Models + Prop Stand - B25, B50, TR5T Correct fitment for the c entre stand on BSA A50,...

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