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Tacho Drive

OEM: 57-1257, T1257, 40-3089
Triumph/BSA Gearbox Oil Level Drain Plug Washer - 350/500/650/750cc Models From 1960 Onwards Gearbox level plug fibre washer - correct fitment on various...

OEM: 70-6299, E6299, 40-0418, 57-3620, 70-7431, E7431
Triumph Primary Chain Oil Drain and Adjuster Plug O Ring - 650/750cc - 1969 Onwards O ring seal for the adjuster plug as used on all unit twins from...

OEM: 68-0588, 71-4443, E14443
BSA Oil Feed Pipe O Ring - A50 and A65 Models Circa 1965-72 Rubber O ring seal for oil lines on A50 and A65 models from 1965-72. Also used between the...

OEM: 70-8896, E8896
Triumph/BSA Timing/Tacho Drive Plug Alloy Washer - Unit Singles and Twins From 1968 Onwards Crankcase timing aperture plug and/or tacho drive plug alloy...

OEM: 71-7011
Tacho Gearbox - Triumph T140/TR7, T120 etc Tachometer Gearbox 2:1 To fit Triumph T140 TR7 1975-83, also T120, TR6 Takes a SPADE cable end LEFT...

OEM: 68-0585, 68-585
BSA Tacho Drive Adapter / Nipple - A50 and A65 Models Circa 1964-72 Alloy rev counter drive nipple - locates over the drive pin from the oil pump -...

OEM: 68-0589, 68-589
BSA Tacho Drive Adapter / Nipple Gasket - A50 and A65 Models Circa 1964-72 Rev counter drive nipple washer - locates behind the alloy tachometer drive...

OEM: 68-0586, 68-586
BSA Tacho Drive / Rev Counter Drive Pin - A50 and A65 Models Circa 1964-72 Tachometer spindle drive shaft with groove for circlip and square end -...

OEM: 67-0713, 67-713
BSA Tacho Drive / Rev Counter Driving Member - A10 Models With Twin Clocks Circa 1954-60 Magneto drive gear slotted nut for tachometer drive, correct...

OEM: 70-5756
Tacho Gearbox - Triumph T120/TR6 Tacho drive, Tachometer drive. Tachometer Gearbox 2:1. To fit Triumph T120 1964-68 models Takes a SPADE cable end Right...

OEM: 70-4803, E4803
Triumph Tacho Cable Adaptor O Ring - 350/500/650cc Models From 1963-65 + Tiger Cub Rubber O ring locates between the tacho cable adaptor / union on T90,...

OEM: 70-9332
Tacho Drive Left Hand Thread Fixing Screw Some of the later Triumphs have a Left Hand Thread, so you will need to replace the standard Right Hand Threaded...

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