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Engine & Transmission

OEM: 57-1646, 68-3264
Clutch Cable Adjuster Sleeve /Rubber Boot For Triumph 650cc and 750cc models OEM: 57-1646, 68-3264

OEM: 60-3548, 70-3253, E3253
Rocker spindle O Ring for Triumph 200, 350, 500, 650 and 750cc models This o-ring is the little sucker that you replace to stop that oil leak from the left side of the rocker box....

OEM: 57-2330, T2330
Triumph Embossed Kickstart Rubber - Open End Type Suitable for all models except T20 Tiger Cub. Open ended type as generally used on models from 1968 onwards but can be used on...

OEM: E4568, 70-4568, E4578, 70-4578, E3876, 70-3876, E7565, 70-7565, T1956, 57-1956, T946, 57-0946
Oil Seal Set - Engine and Gearbox To suit Triumph T120, TR6, 650cc 1963-1971 Contains: Contact point seals, Clutch back plate seals (for both early and late models), Crank drive side...

OEM: 29-3250
BSA Gear Lever Rubber - Ribbed - BSA Pre-Unit Models  Gear change lever rubber correct for BSA A7, A10, B31, B33, B34, B40, C15 and early A50, A65 models. Length 2+1/8" (54mm) OD...

OEM: 57-0449, T449
Triumph Embossed Gearchange Pedal Rubber - Closed End Type Closed end type as used on all Triumph pre unit and unit models. Embossed with the Triumph logo. Also used on the centre...

OEM: 70-1335, E1335, 40-0159, 40-159
Triumph Copper Washer - Overhead Rocker Spindle / Timing Cover Plug Also used for the T140 oil in frame sump washer. OEM: 70-1335, E1335,  40-0159, 40-159

OEM: 71-3748, 40-0167, 99-0067
Valve split cotters - valve collet - Triumph, BSA Triumph 500cc, 650cc, 750cc, T100, T120, T140, T150, T160. BSA 250cc, 750cc, C15, A75 Rocket 3. Price per 1/2 cotter OEM: 71-3748,...

OEM: 82-4129, F4129
Contersunk Screw - Rotor Cover or Tank Badge - 82-4129 To screw the rotor cover on the primary chaincase. Can also be used for Tank Badges, but my need to be shortened slightly, they are...

OEM: 57-4356, 57-1222
Triumph / BSA Kickstart Lever Cotter Pin + Nut and Washer - Standard, Unmilled or Extra Long Kickstart cotter pin assembly c/w nut and washer. Available as standard, unmilled or extra...

OEM: 90-8035
2" Vented Petrol or Oil Tank Filler Cap - Chrome Plated 2" fuel/oil cap with offset vent - push turn fit and integral cork seal. Will fit most oil tanks such as Triumph, BSA, Norton...

OEM: P0172A, S1-52, 21-7052, PO172A, PO-172A, 02-0046
Triumph Twin - Cylinder Base Nut - P0172A Also to secure top head stay to engine. 3/8" CEI OEM: P0172A, S1-52, PO172A, PO-172A, 02-0046
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