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Plunger Springs

OEM: 67-4132, 89-4247, 89-4049
Top BSA Plunger Spring for B, M and A Models This spring is thicker/stronger than the bottom spring Available as standard or premium quality UK made -...

OEM: 89-4259
BSA Plunger Bottom Spring for B, M and A Models Supplied Single This spring is thinner/weaker than the top spring Standard springs are chrome...

OEM: 67-4166, 89-4045
BSA Plunger Column Top Nut / Screw Plug - A, B and M Group Plunger Frame Models Alloy screwed plug - locates in the top of the plunger carrier on all...

OEM: 90-4111
BSA Outer Plunger Spring Shroud - C10, C11 + Bantam D1 and D3 Models - Circa 1949-57 Top rear suspension plunger spring cover - suitable for spring frame...

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