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Fork Gaiters

OEM: 97-3635
Triumph Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair - Unit 500/650/750cc Models 5TA, T100(1969-70), T100C, T100R(1971-74), TR6, T120(1969-70), T150(1969-70) etc Length:...

OEM: 42-5323, 60-0340, D340
15" Stainless Steel Fork Gaiter Strap and Clip - BSA/Triumph + Universal Use Used to secure rubber fork gaiters as fitted to various models. Stainless...

OEM: 97-1645, H1645
Triumph/BSA Fork Rubber Telescopic Gaiters - Pair - Unit Twins from 1964 Onwards Fits all Triumph 650cc unit twins - Bonneville, T120, Tiger, TR6,...

OEM: 97-4002, H4002
Triumph Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair Triumph TR25SS (1971-72), TR5T (1973-74), T120/TR6 (1971-72), T140/TR7 dust cover (1973-83), T150V/T160 (1971-75)...

OEM: 42-5320
BSA Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair - C15, B40 and A Group Models Correct fitment for: C15 from 1960-67 Heavyweight fork models (External Spring) B40...

OEM: 97-2513
BSA/Triumph Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair B25, C25(1968-70), B44 Victor Enduro, Special Roadster, A50, (1968-69), Shooting Star(1968-70), A65(1968), B40 WD,...

OEM: 97-1510, H1510
Triumph Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair - T140, TR7 and T150 Models Circa 1973-82 Pair of rubber fork gaiters with 11 slots - correct fitment on T140, TR7 and...

OEM: 97-2083, 75-5119
Triumph Fork Gaiter Retaining Clip - Various Models + Universal Use As used on unit 500/650cc twins + T150 and later T20 Tiger Cub models. Four generally...

Universal Long Trials Bike Rubber Fork Gaiters - 35mm Forks - Length 33cm Pair of classic trials bike black rubber telescopic fork gaiters to fit 35mm...

Universal Standard Trials Bike Rubber Fork Gaiters - 32mm Forks - Length 24cm Pair of classic trials bike black rubber telescopic fork gaiters to fit...

OEM: 06-1118
Norton Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair Commando 750 etc OEM: 06-1118 Approx Measurements: Length: 1+3/4" ID: 1+1/4" and 2+1/4" Please note these gaiters...

OEM: 97-0962, H962
Triumph Fork Rubber Gaiters - Pair T100SS (1960-63), TR6, T120 (1963 & earlier) Pre-unit models etc OEM: 97-0962, H962 Approx Measurements:...

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