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Chain Tensioners

OEM: 37-2089, 37-1015, 14-1902, W2089, W1015
Triumph Chain Adjuster and End Plate Assembly - 350/500/650cc Twins From 1969 + Earlier T150 Models Locates on the timing side of the rear spindle and...

OEM: 37-1015
Triumph Chain Tensioner Adjuster End Plate. Rear wheel adjuster end plate 1953-1970 Overall length: 1+3/8" (35mm) Width: 9/16" (15mm) Height: 1/4" (7mm)...

OEM: 37-3742, W3742
Triumph/BSA Rear Wheel Chain Adjuster / Tensioner - OIF 650/750cc Models Circa 1971-79 Rear chain adjuster with captive internal nut. Correct fitment on...

OEM: 37-1227, W1227, 90-6221
Triumph/BSA Chain Tensioner Adjuster End Plate - T20 Tiger Cub + Bantam D7, D10, D14 and B175 Rear wheel chain adjuster end plate. Correct fitment on T20...

OEM: 83-3082
Triumph T140 Chain Adjuster Plate - 83-3082 Rear wheel adjuster cover plate, Triumph T140 etc. OEM: 83-3082

BSA Rear Wheel Chain Adjuster Bolt - BSA motorcycle BSA A & B Group rear wheel adjuster bolt. Fits B31-A10 Swinging arm models etc Supplied with a...

OEM: 82-0969, F969
Triumph Pre Unit Rear Wheel Chain Adjuster Bolt - Rigid Frame Models Circa 1946-54 Correct fitment on rigid frame Triumph models - 3T, T85, 5T, T100, 6T...

OEM: 37-2087
Triumph Chain Tensioner Adjuster Forged Stainless Steel Chain adjuster D/S. Fits Q/D wheel. Hole diameter 7/8" OEM: 37-2087, W2087, W1135, 37-1135

OEM: 82-1824, F1824
Triumph Pre Unit Rear Wheel Chain Adjuster Sleeve Nut - Rigid Frame Models Circa 1946-54 Correct fitment on rigid frame Triumph models - 3T, T85, 5T,...

OEM: 66-4603
BSA Rear Wheel Chain Adjusting Screw - Plunger and Rigid Frame A, B and M Group Models Correct fitment on rigid and plunger frame A7, A10, B31, B32, B33,...

OEM: 83-3556, F3556
Triumph/BSA Chain Adjuster Snail Cam - B25, B50 and TR25W and TR5T Models Swinging arm pivot/rear chain tensioner plate as fitted to OIF models from 1971...

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