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Autosol Chrome Metal Polish Tube, 75ml of Autosol's infamous Chrome polish. Cleans and polishes Chrome, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper.

Gold Film SAE 20w/50 Multigrade Classic Engine Oil - 5 litres Available in 5 litre size 20/50, 20-50, 20w50w, 20w/50w sae20, multi-grade Golden Film...

Gearbox Oil - SAE 80W - EP 80w/90 Gear Oil GL5 (EPE) - 1 Litre EP Gear Oils are mineral oil based lubricants formulated for use in a wide range of...

Fork Oil 20WT - 1 litre 1. Outstanding low temperature performance 2. Cold start fluidity and high temperature performance 3. Long stable Oil Life 4....

Semi-Fluid Grease - Tub of 800g - approx 1 litre This semi-fluid grease is a perfect solution to a leaky old gearbox. If you have an old BSA which leaks...

SEALEATER Fuel Tank Sealant Remover - 1 Litre For removing old fuel tank sealer prior to re-sealing. This product will remove sealants based on...

FERTAN Rust Converter - 250ml - Destroy Rust & Prime FERTAN is the optimal treatment for the removal of rust from all metal constructions Use...

SupercleanZero Lead 2005 Concentrate This is a lead free fuel treatment, developed to protect against valve seat recession in 4-stroke engines designed to...

OEM: SAE 90w
Heavy SAE 90w Gear Oil - One Litre Heavy manual transmission gear oil containing anti-oxidant, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to protect...

Gold Film SAE 40 Monograde Classic Engine Oil - 1 or 5 litres SAE40 Available in 1 or 5 litre sizes - Please specify Golden Film Classic Motor Oils are...

Car Pride Brake Cleaner - 250ml - Aerosol The effective way to remove dust and dirt. Brake clean is an excellent solvent degreaser which removes road...

Gold Film SAE 30 Monograde Classic Engine Oil SAE30 Available in 1 or 5 litre sizes - Please specify Golden Film Classic Motor Oils are a specialist range...

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