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Stanchion Nuts

OEM: 97-2245, H2245
Triumph/BSA Fork Stanchion Nut - Unit Twins and Triples Circa 1968-71 Correct fitment on T120, TR6 and A65 models circa 1968-71 + T100 and A50 models from...

OEM: 97-4387, H4387
Triumph Fork Stanchion Cap Screw - T140, TR7, T150 and T160 Disc Brake Models - Circa 1973-83 Inner fork top nut locates under the cap screw, fastened...

OEM: 65-5331
Fork Stanchion Nut - BSA A, B, C & M Group Models Circa 1946-68 Fork top nut to fit various singles and twins  including A7, A10, A65, B25, B31,...

OEM: 97-4395, H4395, 97-4404, H4404
Triumph Top Stanchion Nut - T140, TR7, T150 and T160 Disc Brake Models - Circa 1973-78 Fork top nut with recessed top rim to fit decal - screws into the...

OEM: 97-4259, H4259, 97-4310, H4310
Triumph/BSA Fork Stanchion Top Nut Decal - 190cc or 230cc Fork top nut decal as fitted to many later Triumph and BSA models. Self adhesive decal - foil...

OEM: 29-5338, 97-2640, H2640
BSA Bottom Fork Nut Washer - A, B, C and M Group Circa 1947-62 + A50, A65 and B40 Models From 1961-65 Front fork shaft plug washer - locates between the...

OEM: 97-0432, H432
Triumph Fork Stanchion Nut - Pre Unit 350/500/650cc Models - Circa 1946-59 Chrome plated f ork top nut with threaded hole for damper rod - suitable for...

OEM: 97-2091
Bottom Fork Stanchion Nut - Triumph/BSA - 97-2091 Bottom fork stanchion nut with shuttle valve (1968-) 28 TPI As fitted to all Triumph and BSA models with...

OEM: 29-5283
BSA Bottom Fork Nut - A, B, C and M Group Circa 1947-62 + A50, A65 and B40 Models From 1961-65 Front fork shaft plug - correct fitment on many BSA models...

OEM: 97-4076, H4076
Fork Stanchion End Plug - BSA / Triumph Models with Conical Forks from 1971 Onwards Correct fitment for the following models fitted with conical forks....

OEM: 97-7034, H7034, 97-4600, H4600
Triumph Fork Stanchion Top Nut - 750cc Twins/Triples from 1979 Onwards Plastic screw in type - correct fitment for all Triumph T140, TR7, TSS and T160...

OEM: 97-4008, H4008
Triumph/BSA Fork Stanchion Nut - Conical Hub 650cc Twins + 750cc Triples Circa 1971-74 Fork top nut with smooth finish as fitted to later T120, TR6 and...

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