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Frame Parts

£0.45 (£0.54 inc VAT)
OEM: 97-2210, H2210
Triumph Headlight Bracket Washer - OIF 500/750cc Models From 1971 Onwards Headlamp bracket ear backing washer. Correct fitment on later T100 models + disc...

£1.55 (£1.86 inc VAT)
Universal Rubber Grommet  - OD: 20mm, ID: 9mm x Depth: 10mm OD: 25/32" (20mm) ID: 11/32" (9mm) Depth: 13/32" (10mm)

£2.95 (£3.54 inc VAT)
OEM: 60-2104, D2104
Triumph Trophy 650 Side Panel Transfer / Decal - TR6 Models Circa 1970-72 Gold on clear vinyl decal featuring TROPHY 650. Typically used on the side...

£1.95 (£2.34 inc VAT)
BSA Piled Arms Trademark Rear Number Plate Transfer - 175, 250, 350, 500, 600 or 650cc Gold on clear vinyl decal featuring the BSA Piled Arms Trademark +...

£13.95 (£16.74 inc VAT)
OEM: 29-9132
BSA Tool Box Knob - A7, A10, C10, C10L, C11, C11G Models From 1946-57 Tool box lid slotted screw - rigid and plunger A Group models + C10 and C11 models....

£1.75 (£2.10 inc VAT)
OEM: 60-1918, D1918
Triumph Tiger 650 Decal - Gold Water Slide Type Water slide side panel or tank top transfer for Triumph TR6R Tiger models from 1966-68. Length: 3+3/4"...

£2.45 (£2.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 68-8111
BSA A65 Hornet Tank Transfer Black, white, red and gold on clear vinyl decal featuring BSA Hornet emblem and checkered flags. Height: 3" (76mm) Width:...

£0.75 (£0.90 inc VAT)
OEM: 99-9947, 99-7013
Triumph/Norton Rear Lamp Mounting Screws - Triumph 750cc, Norton Commando Pair of screws and washers for Lucas LU917 tail light lens. Triumph TR7, T140,...

£2.45 (£2.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 70-1023, E1023
Triumph T20 Sub Frame to Front Frame Stud - Tiger Cub Sports Models Circa 1960-68 Locates through the lug on the top rear section of the main frame to...

£3.95 (£4.74 inc VAT)
D-Ring DZUS Fastener - Universal Quick Release Fairing or Panel Clip Allows for quick removal and replacement of fairings and body panels. Spring...

£9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
OEM: 40-0301, 40-301
BSA C15 Frame to Head Steady Clip - All Models Circa 1959-67 With Gooseneck Frame Positions on the frame behind the tank mounting bolt to support the head...

£0.25 (£0.30 inc VAT)
OEM: 60-2321, D2321, S19-3, GS203, 70-8088, E8088
BSA/Triumph - 5/16" Thick Flat Washer - Various Uses On Pre Unit and Unit Models As used extensively on many BSA + pre unit and unit Triumph models +...

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