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Electronic Ignition / Lighting Replacement Alternator Kit - Triumph, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield Models

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Electronic Ignition / Lighting Replacement Alternator Kit - Triumph, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield Models

Suitable for the following bikes:
BSA A50, A65 - TRIUMPH 3TA, 5TA, T100, T110, T120 - Norton Commando, Atlas - Royal Enfield Interceptor.

Replacement for original alternator and ignition. Complete digital self generating ignition and alternator, pre-programmed advance curve gives optimum performance for the 4 stroke twin engine.

The CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) works by charging a capacitor within the CDI unit from the source coil on the stator, this same coil also produces the timing signal. The cdi digitises the signal and uses the microprocessor to derive the pre-programmed ignition timing curve.

  • No battery, contact breaker assembly or distributor required for the ignition. NOTE: A battery is NOT required to run the ignition or lighting but advantageous for brake light or indicators.
  • Simple timing set-up align marks on the rotor and stator.
  • Single phase alternator 50w output with combined regulator and regulator/rectifier. This gives a controlled 12v AC output to the lighting circuit to prevent bulb failure + 12v DC output to a battery if fitted. The battery can be replaced with a capacitor pack if required, this gives greater reliability but has limited energy storage capability.
  • Rotor is supplied with a taper locking collet, enabling the rotor to be fitted on the 3/4” crankshaft without the need for a woodruff key, this allows system to be fitted even if keyway is damaged. The rotor can be fixed in any position making timing easier to setup.

Very easy to install and set-up. Full wiring diagram and instructions supplied.
Kit contains: Stator, Rotor, Regulator/Rectifier, Digital CDI, HT Coil + caps 5k, 1 male & 1 female bullet + cover, 2 ring tags and fitting kit.

Made in England by Electrex World Limited

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