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OEM: 82-6738, 68-5050, 03-0175, 06-5448
Steering Lock and Keys for BSA, Norton, Triumph BSA A7/A10/M20/M21 (1954-62), B31/B33 (1959-), A50/A65(1966-), A75 Rocket 3 (1969-). Norton Twins (1963-74).Triumph 350, 500, 650, 750,...

OEM: 500291, 504665
Genuine Lucas Headlamp (W Clips) Retaining wires. Comes in a pack of 5, as you are likely to need about 5 per headlight. Manufactured to the original Lucas specifications. Made in...

OEM: 70-4144, 68-0209, E4144
Inner Alternator Wiring Grommet - Triumph and BSA Models Fits Triumph Unit construction models and BSA twins and singles. Wiring grommet that goes around the alternator wire coming...

OEM: 71-1345
Outer Alternator Wiring Grommet - Triumph and BSA Models Wiring grommet that goes around the alternator wire coming from the primary chaincase. These little chappies help stop the...

Universal Indicator Switch - Three Position Toggle - Chrome Plated - 7/8" Bars Chrome plated three position - Left, Off, Right toggle switch with clamp suitable for 7/8" handlebars....

OEM: 157HV
Miller Type Dip Switch and Horn Button - 7/8" Bars Two position toggle switch - headlight high and low beam + horn button. To clamp as required onto 7/8" handlebars. Chrome plated....

Headlamp rim fixing clip & screw.

OEM: 484098
Contact Set - Lucas Magneto / Dynamo Suit N1 Magneto, also Mag/Dyno OEM: 484098

Ammeter O Ring Seal 1+3/4 inch For use with 1+3/4" (45mm) Ammeters Fits under the bezel to cushion the ammeter and provide a good seal that prevent moisture entering the headlamp...

Bulb Headlight 6v 30/24w BPF P36d - 312 Standard 6 volt Headlamp bulb, main beam 30w, dip beam 24w. BPF = British Pre Focus = this bulb has a locating plate with a notch in it....

Spark Plug H.T. Cable HT lead, plug leads, ignition leads Available in Black or Red Price per Metre 19/.30mm Copper Black PVC Ignition Cable - HT lead, plug leads, ignition leads

OEM: 82-4129, F4129
Contersunk Screw - Rotor Cover or Tank Badge - 82-4129 To screw the rotor cover on the primary chaincase. Can also be used for Tank Badges, but my need to be shortened slightly, they are...

OEM: 31563, LU31563
Lucas Type Horn / Dip Switch - Clamp On - 7/8" Bars Replica Lucas high / low beam toggle and push button horn switch. Clamp on type suitable for 7/8" handlebars. Supllied with...

OEM: 189307, 189237
LUCAS E3L, E3LM, E3N, E3HM, Dynamo Generator Bearing - Drive End To fit Lucas Dynamos E3L, E3LM, E3N, E3HM OEM: 189307, 189237

OEM: 90-0506
Universal Brake / Stop Light Switch - Spring Pull Type A high quality brake light/stop switch designed to clamp on to the bike's frame. Includes chrome bracket and spring. Easy to...

OEM: 862217
Headlight Headlamp Wiring Rubber Grommet Approx 1+3/4" diameter, will fit the headlight holes of approx 1+5/8" OEM 862217

OEM: 47275, 17.M.6, 17M6, LU47275
Genuine Lucas 6V Ignition Coil, 6 Volt - LU47275 As fitted to 6V BSA C11, C12, C15, A50, A65 models, Triumph Unit models using 6V systems. Body diameter 41mm (1+5/8") Full length 111mm...

12v Lucas Regulator/Rectifier - Single Phase - Solid State 12 volt, 120 watt. Economical replacement for Lucas rectifier and zener diode. Will work with either negative or positive...

OEM: LU370, 370, 414
Bulb Headlight 12v 50/40w BPF P36d - 370 Standard headlamp bulb, 12 volt, dual filament, dual contact, Main 50w/Dip 40w beam, used on most old classics. Also known as Lucas 370 OEM:...

OEM: LU53454, L564, E66, 19-1014, LU564
Rear Lamp Assembly - Lucas 564 Type Complete stop/tail light as fitted to  various classic bikes - BSA, Triumph, Norton, etc. circa 1955-70. Supplied with mounting screws where...

Single Insulated Connector Sleeve For Bullet Ends Supplied in pack of 10

OEM: LU54202299
Genuine Lucas RM20 Rotor, 6 Pole with welded 0.752" centre. This rotor supercedes all other specifications. As fitted to most British motorcycles (late 50's to 70's) equipped with...

Smiths Speedo/Tacho Bulb Holder Replacement bulb holder to fit in rear of Chronometric speedometer and tachometer. Takes a bulb of 9mm diameter base. Screw-in fitting

OEM: 68-3218, 60-4253, S66-1, 21-0066
BSA / Triumph Clutch Hub To Mainshaft / Alternator Rotor Woodruff Key Clutch hub to gearbox mainshaft key, prevents the clutch hub turning on the shaft. Also used to position the rotor...
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