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OEM: 500291, 504665
Genuine Lucas Headlamp (W Clips) Retaining wires. Comes in a pack of 5, as you are likely to need about 5 per headlight. Manufactured to the original Lucas...

Spark Plug H.T. Cable HT lead, plug leads, ignition leads Available in Black or Red Price per Metre 19/.30mm Copper Black PVC Ignition Cable - HT lead,...

Headlamp rim fixing clip & screw.

Ammeter O Ring Seal 1+3/4 inch For use with 1+3/4" (45mm) Ammeters Fits under the bezel to cushion the ammeter and provide a good seal that prevent...

OEM: LU370, 370, 414
Bulb Headlight 12v 50/40w BPF P36d - 370 Standard headlamp bulb, 12 volt, dual filament, dual contact, Main 50w/Dip 40w beam, used on most old classics....

OEM: 70-4144, 68-0209, E4144
Inner Alternator Wiring Grommet - Triumph and BSA Models Fits Triumph Unit construction models and BSA twins and singles. Wiring grommet that goes...

OEM: 82-6981, 68-9304, 54335169, 30608, 35351, 30552
Genuine Lucas Ignition Lock / Barrel and Key - 82-6981, 68-9304 Lock tumbler to suit Lucas type 30608, 35351 and 30552 switch bodies as used on various...

Champion Spark Plugs N4C Suit Models: BSA: A7SS, A10RGS, A10RR, A10SR, A50, A50C, A50CC, A65, A65LC, A65R, A65T, B32 Alloy Head, B40SS90, Victor B44R,...

OEM: 71-1345
Outer Alternator Wiring Grommet - Triumph and BSA Models Wiring grommet that goes around the alternator wire coming from the primary chaincase. These...

OEM: 68-3218, 60-4253, S66-1, 21-0066
BSA / Triumph Clutch Hub To Mainshaft / Alternator Rotor Woodruff Key Clutch hub to gearbox mainshaft key, prevents the clutch hub turning on the shaft....

Single Insulated Connector Sleeve For Bullet Ends Supplied in pack of 10

Spark Plug Cap Champion Non-Resistor Champion black rubber plug cap. Non-Resistor

OEM: LU53454, L564, E66, 19-1014, LU564
Rear Lamp Assembly - Lucas 564 Type Complete stop/tail light as fitted to  various classic bikes - BSA, Triumph, Norton, etc. circa 1955-70. Supplied...

OEM: 554602
Genuine Lucas Headlight Bulb Holder - BPF Type British pre foucs headlamp bulb holder - two wire fitting with grounding adapter  and  wire retainer....

OEM: 862217
Headlight Headlamp Wiring Rubber Grommet Approx 1+3/4" diameter, will fit the headlight holes of approx 1+5/8" OEM 862217

OEM: 90-0506
Universal Brake / Stop Light Switch - Spring Pull Type A high quality brake light/stop switch designed to clamp on to the bike's frame. Includes...

OEM: 47275, 17.M.6, 17M6, LU47275
Genuine Lucas 6V Ignition Coil, 6 Volt - LU47275 As fitted to 6V BSA C11, C12, C15, A50, A65 models, Triumph Unit models using 6V systems. Body diameter...

Bulb Headlight 6v 30/24w BPF P36d - 312 Standard 6 volt Headlamp bulb, main beam 30w, dip beam 24w. BPF = British Pre Focus = this bulb has a locating...

12v Lucas Regulator/Rectifier - Single Phase - Solid State 12 volt, 120 watt. Economical replacement for Lucas rectifier and zener diode. Will work with...

OEM: 70-3975, 70-8224, 29-2054, E3975, E8224
Triumph/BSA Alternator Rotor Lockwasher - Singles and Twins Fits many BSA and Triumph models, singles, twins and triples - T120, T140, TR7, B25, B50, T100...

Champion Spark Plugs L82C Suit Models: BSA: A7, A10GF, B31, B33, B32 Cast Iron Head, B34 Cast Iron Head, C12, D1 1954 onwards, D3, D5, D7, M33. Also...

OEM: 34815, 99-1028, 60-0990, 19-0916
Brake Light Switch - Lucas 118SA Push Type Stop light switch as fitted to Triumph unit 650/750cc models circa 1971-84. Also used on BSA unit singles...

OEM: 47276, LU47276
Genuine Lucas 12V Ignition Coil, 12 Volt - LU47276 As fitted to Triumph, BSA and Norton models using 12V systems. Body diameter 41mm (1+5/8") Full length...

OEM: LU54202299
Genuine Lucas RM20 Rotor, 6 Pole with welded 0.752" centre. This rotor supercedes all other specifications. As fitted to most British motorcycles (late...

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