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Amal 600/900 Concentric Carburettor Repair Kit - 4 Stroke

(£45.54 inc VAT)
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Amal 600/900 Concentric Carburettor Repair Kit - 4 Stroke

Genuine Amal Carburettor Repair Kit to Overhaul your 600/900 4 Stroke Concentric Carb
This kit has everything you need to clean and rebuild your carb and get it performing as it should.

Made in the England

Complete repair kit for the 600/900 4 Stroke Concentric Carb. Includes:

  • Float - Standard or Stay-Up (please select)
  • Needle Valve
  • Gaskets
  • Fuel Filter
  • Needle and Clip
  • Pilot Air Screw
  • Main Jet - please specify size*
  • Needle Jet- please specify size*
* Main Jet sizes: 100 - 500
* Needle Jet sizes: 105, 106, 107
RKC/561, RKC/560
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